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Hiligaynon Group Website: This website is dedicated for the exchange of information among Filipinos in Switzerland and Philippines focusing on speaking people H O M E | V N T S C U I Y R A B Welcome to Our aim bring together all Swiss Nationals resident irrespective tribe religion political affiliation Therefore plattform we are looking forward present you m
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Welcome to the Hiligaynon Group Website. Our aim is to bring together all Hiligaynon speaking Filipinos and Swiss Nationals resident in Switzerland ... Hiligaynon Group Website: This website is dedicated for ...05.09.2015 18:01:54
The roots Living in any foreign countries is not always easy as anyone perceived. Some may encounter culture and mentality shock and eaten up by homesickness. Hiligaynon Group: Organisation05.09.2015 18:01:54
February 10th: 4th General Assembly The Hiligaynon Group 4th General Assembly was held at the Gemeinschaftzentrum, Gäbelbach in Bern. The following is the ... Hiligaynon Events05.09.2015 18:01:54
INFORMATION There are more and more about the Philippines on the web. Here are some links to plattforms and other resources. Please contact us, if you also ... Hiligaynon Group Community Links05.09.2015 18:01:54

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